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Where Do You Add Value?       Why Resell The Service?

"A Huge Portion of Our Business Comes From Value Added Resellers!"

      Value Added Resellers are a large part of our business. Many organizations do not know how to run an effective campaign. They do not know what the outgoing message should say, or even how to answer the phone when a call comes in. This is where you step in! As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) you know what type of message works or doesn't work, and most importantly, you have the knowledge of your particular industry to quickly increase the return on investment for your clients! We will provide you the analytical tools, statistical data, and recorded calls for analysis. Without you to identify the inefficiencies in their operations, the campaign would certainly fail. You will be able to access your all customer accounts from a simple easy to use control panel and exercise full control over their campaigns! You can run reports, check response rates and even listen to recordings of their phone calls. You can then work with the end user to streamline operations.   We charge you our low wholesale rate, and you charge your customers whatever you feel is appropriate for the amount of work you put in.  Our campaign management site can be privately branded to display your logo and company information. We have resellers who specialize in Debt Collection, Political Calling, Hispanic Markets, etc.

Key Points About The Reseller Program

  • Privately Branded Campaign Management Site With YOUR Information & Logo
  • Highly Discounted Reseller Rates
  • is COMPLETELY Hidden :
    • Our Network IP Addresses Do Not Reverse-Lookup
    • Domain Names Under Private/Proxy Registration
    • End User E-Mails are Transmitted From Non-Responsive Domains
  • Complete Management of All Your Client Accounts With A Single Click
  • Complete Account Control Online :
    • Create New Campaigns
    • Each Customer Campaign Will Have Their Own Login Credentials
    • Add Funds To Existing Campaigns
    • Transfer Funds Between Campaigns
  • Charge YOUR Customers, YOUR Rates, set YOUR own Profit Margins!
  • No Charge To Become A Reseller

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Reseller Support : (800) 848-8621 x 370

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